Am I getting old?

So tonight Beth and I rang in another New Year!  Well, she did.  I had to be woken up off of the couch with 40 seconds to spare.  Wow, this is the third year in a row I have fallen asleep before midnight on New Years Eve.  To top it all off Meatloaf performed Paradise by the Dashboard Light.  He did terrible. Time to put the mic in the closet and say goodbye.  I had to walk off and come to the office instead of listening anymore.

So, like my evening, this post is boring.

Good Night!



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2007 Wish List

Below are the images of things that you can gather your own meaning from. More of a show and tell of sorts for my goals and wishes for 2007. Plus you can click on the image to learn more.


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Ridin’ Dirty

So tonight I am creating my new blog that will not be associated with It hasn’t been a tough decision to do this but more of a convince myself it is all right to do it. My problem is that I don’t like to offend people when I am trying to get them to be loyal customers to me and I am ready to throw that train of thought out the window. It is time to call people out if I think they are being stupid. I am no longer going to hang in my basement tell my dog what a dumbS**t someone is being. So here we go.


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